Monday, August 9, 2010

Sharepoint 2010 Known Issues - Resolutions

SHAREPOINT 2010 Knowledge Base
This area holds all the issues\challenges in SP2010 along with there resolutions.
1) Issue: SP2010 Ajax Issues
2) Issue: Features developed for SP2007 are not getting deployed in SP2010 and the error is "Invalid Type definition in the elements xml"
    Description: Issue is a bug in WSS, due to which several users coded the elements xml for a event receiver with Type parameter as integer value. This value need to be a Enum value and SP2010 got it fixed due to which all the earlier elements xmls with integer values will fail to deploy.
    Solution: Replace the integer values with the appropriate enum values in the elements xml and deploy.
3) Issue:  Left menu is not visible in Internal layout pages when not visually upgraded.
    Solution: Got it clarified from product team that this is by design as the sharepoint 2010 applies a minimal master page to  the upgraded sites before the visual upgrade.
4) Issue:
         a) Sharepoint sites having PageViewer webpart with html pages as sources will show a Save, Cancel dialog box.
         b) Sharepoint sites with flash and silverlight objects displaying a Save, Cancel dialog box.
    Description: This happens in windows 2008 R2 due to the IIS security restriction for HTML pages.
    Solution: Go to SP2010 Central Admin --> Application Settings --> Manage webapplication settings. Select the webapplication, edit the general settings and select the option "Browser File Handling" as Permissive

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